We are taking all necessary precautions to protect our volunteers, participants and staff from COVID-19. Your temperature will be taken upon entering the building and you will wear a mask while working. Disposable gloves will be provided for your use.

Help us “feather the nests”

of our neighbors!

Whatever your passion, you can put it to good use helping our neighbors in need!  The ONLY way greeNest works is through the generous efforts of its volunteers.  Whether for a few hours here and there or on a regular basis, there is ALWAYS a need for your help! 

Here are some ways you can help!


Are you a “clean machine”?

  • Help us tidy up our donations with minor cleaning and repairs

  • Our own “nest” needs cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, too!

  • Recovering or repainting donated items (small items!)

  • Sorting and organizing donations

Do you have “strong wings”?

  • We can sure use your muscle to help move and arrange furniture!

  • Also with loading and unloading household furnishings

Is your particular talent geared more toward the artistic side of the brain? Help make our "showroom" attractive and welcoming to our guests! 

  • Compose seasonal accessory baskets

  • Arrange and maintain the art collection for our guests

  • Stage and design spaces in our "showroom"


If you are handy with tools...

  • Test, clean, and repair lamps and small appliance

  • Paint and/or repair furniture

  • Light carpentry work


And for the Party Planners...

  • Planning, organizing, and helping out at fundraising events

  • Available for short term and big projects


The Great Outdoors is our "front porch." Can you help with...

  • Watering and maintaining beds

  • Weeding and Mulching

  • Seasonal Plantings