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Donation FAQ's

When are you open for donations?

We are open Tuesdays-Fridays from 10:00am to 4:00pm and every Saturday 9:00am-noon.  We may close for holidays or inclement weather. Check our Facebook page for special closing information.

Will someone be there to help me unload my donations?

Yes!  We have volunteers that can help!

Do you pick up?

 We really prefer you to drop off at greeNest if at all possible.  However, we can arrange for pick up if you have have at least one of the essential furniture items listed here: dressers, sofas, small dining tables, queen beds and upholstered chairs. If you have at least one of these essential items, we can also pick up smaller household items that you might have.  Please keep in mind that we are volunteer based and have a small truck that we use to make pick ups within Forsyth County.  If you want to know if we'll come and pick up an item, please click the email link below.  Include in your email: pictures of the item(s), location of pick up, your best contact number and if you are on a specific timeline.

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