Working Together to Transform the

Community One Nest at A Time

  • Mattresses

    • The cost for our mattress sets are $100

    • This is an increase but now includes the metal bed rails​

  • greeNest Furnishing Vouchers

    • Our Voucher Program still has funds as of May 2021.

    • Funds for the voucher match program are dependent on grant funds. The program will be suspended when all funds have been spent.​

    • This program will provide funds to match participant funds

    • Participating agency funds cannot be matched

      • The vouchers are available in increments of $25 and are limited to a maximum of $50.

      • The client must pay at least $25 themselves for the match.  ​

    • Click button to the right for more information.

  • Do you know about our Up Off the Floor Program?

    • In collaboration with WS/FCS Title 1 Schools, we provide, at no cost to the family, a twin bed and linens.

    • Click here to learn more!

  • Scheduling Appointments

    •  General guidelines for scheduling. 
      10:30 -  participants with 175 points or more
      12:30 - participants with 125 to 175 points 
      2:30 - participants with 100 points or less.

    • Of course, these are just guidelines and not set in stone. As always, we will happily accommodate you and your clients' schedules.

    • Pro tip, when you submit your referral, feel free to give me your 1st and 2nd preferences for appointment dates and times.

    • You can click on the "Volunteer Calendar" and see what any day looks like at greeNest.

  • Protocols for Appointments

    • We continue to limit the number of people in the building at a time, not everyone in your group may be able to come into the showroom.

    • When you arrive, you will wait in the foyer for a greeNest volunteer or staff member to greet you before entering the showroom.

    • Masks must be worn all the time by all who enter greeNest. We can provide masks if needed. 

  • greeNest Furniture Delivery Assistance Program.

    • Click the button to the right for more information about this program.

    • Funds are limited, so please verify with greeNest before client hires mover.​


Thank you for all you do for our Community!