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  • Please go over our Checklist with your client before sending a referral.

  • greeNest 2022 Special! Want 25 FREE POINTS for your clients?

  • Great News! The Furnishing Match Voucher Program has been replenished! We are thrilled that we can provide these funds to our participants again. Please continue to verify fund availability as you schedule your clients.

  • greeNest Furniture Delivery Assistance Program.

    • Click the button to the right for more information about this program.

    • Funds are limited, so please verify with greeNest before client hires mover.

  • Protocols for Appointments We continue to limit the number of people in the building at a time, not everyone in your group may be able to come into the showroom.

    • When you arrive, you will wait in the foyer for a greeNest volunteer or staff member to greet you before entering the showroom.

    • Masks must be worn all the time by all who enter greeNest. We can provide masks if needed. 

  • Mattresses

    • Mattress sets are now $125

    • This is an increase and will still include the metal bed rails​ when applicable

    • Please contact Loree directly for mattress inquiries, 336-661-8091 x 1002

  • Do you know about our Up Off the Floor Program?

    • In collaboration with WS/FCS Title 1 Schools, we provide, at no cost to the family, a twin bed and linens.

    • We are excited to now offer Pack N Plays in addition to twin beds! These are intended for children under 35" in height, under 30lbs and can not crawl out.

    • Click here to learn more!

  • Scheduling Appointments

    • We schedule appointments Tuesday - Friday at either 11:00 or 2:00

    • Of course, these are just guidelines and not set in stone. As always, we will happily accommodate you and your clients' schedules.

    • Pro tip, when you submit your referral, feel free to give me your 1st and 2nd preferences for appointment dates and times.

    • You can click on the "Volunteer Calendar" and see what any day looks like at greeNest.


Thank you for all you do for our Community!

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