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greeNest’s Up Off the Floor Program

From This....

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To This!

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greeNest’s Up Off the Floor Program provides new beds for children in Forsyth County, birth to 18 years. Partner agency case managers identify children sleeping on the floor or who do not have a safe sleeping space. As funding allows, greeNest supplies portable cribs and twin beds with new bed pillows and bedding at no cost to the family.


greeNest purchases compressed new-in-box mattresses and compact metal platform frames so families can easily transport the beds without a specialty vehicle. We offer different bed-in-a-bag options for children and their parents to select their favorite bedding.

To keep this program running, we rely heavily on individual financial donations. We also accept donations of twin bedding and new bed pillows.

greeNest Up Off the Floor

Since 2016, greeNest has gotten nearly 2000 children Up Off the Floor and into their own beds! 

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