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Shopping at greeNest

How can I shop at greeNest?

  • What makes greeNest unique, is the fact that we do not sell our furnishings to the public.  Participants shop by appointments that are made via a referral process with our Partner Agencies. 

  • The ideal candidate to receive furnishings is one who is currently transitioning or has recently transitioned into stable housing after a period of unstable housing due to homelessness, domestic violence, immigration status, substance abuse recovery, fire or natural disaster, recent release from incarceration or other circumstances. They also are employed or otherwise able to sustain the new housing situation long-term.

  • If you are in need and want to shop at greeNest, ask your case manager to send a referral. 

  • Do you have an appointment, click HERE to Prepare for your Appointment.

  • Still have questions?

How much does it cost? And who pays?

  • Most of the costs (receiving, processing, repairing, storing and ultimately placing the furnishings with the targeted recipients) are subsidized by supporters of greeNest.

  • There is a one-time partnering agency fee of $50. The participant then pays a furnishing fee ranging from $25-300, depending on the furnishings chosen. The cost to furnish a one-bedroom home is about $175. An agency or its donors may choose to sponsor the referred recipient if that recipient is unable to pay. We accept cash, cashier's checks and credit/debit cards.  We do not accept personal checks or money orders.  Participants are also responsible for transporting their furnishings on their shopping day.

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