After bouncing from shelter to shelter and living on the streets, many homeless families are left with little of their previous lives intact.  If they are lucky, they have loved ones and a few of the bare essentials.


When finally offered affordable housing, the starkness of an empty house confronts them.  With few personal belongings of their own, a house is just not a home.  But with the cost of rent, utilities, food, and child care, there is little or no money left for furnishings.  No family should have to lie down on a cold, hard floor.


By partnering with agencies in Forsyth County who have case management programs, greeNest strives to provide a vital link in the journey from homelessness to independent living.


greeNest is a unique local program,modeled after The Green Chair Project in Wake County, that, for a small fee, provides household furnishings to individuals and families transitioning to sustainable housing. 


Volunteers will sort, clean and organize furniture and household goods that have been donated by the community, in order for participants to pick out items that suit their own tastes and needs.  

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630 Brookstown Ave  | Winston-Salem, NC  27101