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April 17, 2024

A Note from our Founders, Jan Barbee and Joanna Britt

Dreamed up between sisters on a screened porch through a flight of ideas, greeNest started as just a remote possibility. When we opened our doors several months later it took on a life of its own. Never did we dream that the community would be so committed to doing their part to alleviate some of the disparity in Forsyth County.


From an empty warehouse, through building relationships with partnering agencies and gaining the trust of the community, in four short years we quickly outgrew our space and were able to move into a larger building to meet the needs of our participants. Collaborating with other organizations to assist families through many crises helped establish greeNest as a valuable resource to over 100 local agencies. Because we serve a “niche population,” donors know that their furnishings are going directly to those who need them and will love them in their new homes. We haven’t reached everyone, but we are still surprised when we mention greeNest and someone already knows about it! Or we see a greeNest magnet on the car of someone we don’t know – that’s a thrill!


greeNest has ONLY worked because volunteers and donors have given their hearts to the mission. Though our mission of “Transforming our community, one nest at a time” does refer to the participants who receive home furnishings to make their house a home, it means so much more. Volunteers are transformed as they assemble cooking and dining baskets and arrange furnishings in the showroom to make the participant shopping experience special. Furniture donors are transformed as they see the items that they have loved but no longer need, being chosen to be used and loved once more by another family. And financial donors are transformed as they see that their donations are going to good use in their own county to serve others who are starting over after a crisis.


A lot has happened in nine years. And greeNest is so very grateful that you have been and continue to be on this ride with us as we work to make our community a better place for all.Together, We Have Enough!


Jan Barbee and Joanna Britt

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