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Like Nailing Jello to a Tree....

Sometimes things just make sense. And sometimes they just don’t. And then there are those rare times when they don’t really make sense, but they work out anyway. That’s greeNest on any given day.

We have this seemingly perfect plan…..a series of steps that our partnering agencies go through to access furnishings for their clients, and then a series of steps that the clients go through to furnish their new homes. But so far, we haven’t walked through that plan exactly the same way twice yet. And I think that’s because not one of the folks we have had the privilege of serving is exactly like any other.

We’ve met Tracee, whose bright smile and kind words let us know how grateful she was, for whatever we could offer her.

We met Anthony, who needed a desk for his poetry writing and a bookshelf for his books, and was referred through the church he had joined after coming to Winston Salem and finding himself homeless.

And we met Tim, tho had just graduated from a veteran's program and was proud to have a place of his own, but needed furnishings to make it home.

Every face that has come through our door is different….coming from different circumstances, and every single one is a child of God. And so, even though we have a plan, we know that it’s a moveable one….like nailing jello to a tree, we have to remain flexible.

We are blessed to have been able to serve over twenty families and individuals thus far. And we can hardly wait to see who walks through our door next!

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