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Partnering Agency Guidelines, Application and Handbook

Partnering Agencies Guidelines

1. Partnering Agencies must provide programs that offer their participants ongoing support that promotes self-sufficiency and addresses the underlying cause for the participant’s current situation. As such, each Partnering Agency should refer only qualified individuals who are in a case-managed program or are receiving pastoral care and congregational support and whose needs have been verified through a home visit.


2. Partnering Agencies must be located within Forsyth County and priority is given to Forsyth County residents when referred.


3. The ideal candidate to receive furnishings is one who is currently transitioning or who has recently transitioned into stable housing after a period of unstable housing due to homelessness, domestic violence, immigration status, substance abuse recovery, incarceration, fire or natural disaster, or other circumstance. The ideal candidate is employed or otherwise able to sustain the new housing situation long-term.


4. The furnishings available from greeNest are meant to fulfill an unmet need, rather than to upgrade a participant’s current furnishings, and service is available on a one-time only basis.


5. Each Partnering Agency understands that most of the household furnishings donated to and placed by greeNest are not new and will advise its referred participants that the used furnishings are provided in as is condition and are not warranted, refundable or subject to exchange.


6. The Partnering Agency is responsible for a one-time $25 fee to greeNest due and payable before the first appointment is scheduled.


7. In addition, the participant is responsible for a separate furnishing fee, which is determined by the individual’s budget and the amount of furnishings they need. 


8. Furnishings fees can be calculated using the referral worksheet and are due when furnishings are provided and should be paid by cash, cashier's check, cred/debit card or agency check. No personal checks are accepted.


9. Requests for service should be submitted at least three days prior to the desired appointment time. Service is available on a one-time only basis. greeNest will attempt to fulfill the requested order, as its inventory allows.


10. Each referred participant is responsible for transporting all selected furnishings, using an adequate and safe means of transportation, and is liable for any damages resulting from that transportation. Furnishings cannot be held and must be taken at the time of selection.

Each Partner Agency Case Manager is asked to support greeNest by attending an orientation/training prior to submitting any requests for service in order to understand how we do what we do.

The partnering agency will pay a one-time application fee of $25 fee. This is collected to help defray the costs of operations of greeNest which includes collecting, cleaning, making minor repairs, and distributing donated items. 

Upon approval of the Partnering Agency Application, case managers will be trained in the "nesting" process for their clients and will be ready to accompany their participants to make selections from our "showroom." 

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