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November 16, 2019

Our 2019 Dewey's Holiday Pop Up Shop is up and running!  We are off to a great start thanks to the hard work of our amazing volunteers!  This is our 4th year of partnering with Dewey's for our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We had a fun and festive evening previewing the store with our volunteers. It's not too late to sign up to volunteer.  Just click on the "Volunteer News" link and then the "Dewey's Sign Up Genius" link.

November 8, 2019

Here's a summary of the information shared at our Eat and Chats this week:

greeNest is the recipient of 2 grants!  1) we have received money from the Lovett Grant to replace the awnings and paint our logo on the side of the building 2) we have been notified that we will get funding from BB&T for our Up Off the Floor program!

We have 5 new Partnering Agencies: Winston Salem Street School, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, St Paul's Episcopal Church, Imprints Cares and Word of God Church.  Woot woot!

Website - I have been making some slight changes to our website.  Specifically, I have added a "Volunteer News" section. There is a calendar there that lets you know when "clients" are coming, "Eat and Chat" dates and other...

July 18, 2016

In my life change is scary but exciting. It usually means a new beginning….meeting new people, doing something I’ve never done before, stepping outside my zone. Maybe a new adventure or trying to understand another point of view very different from mine.

Most of our participants are facing change not because they are searching for an adventure but because things have simply fallen apart and are beginning to come together again. Most haven’t had the opportunity to choose anything in a long time….not the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the places they sleep or even where they sit to rest. When they walk in our doors they are often afraid, overwhelmed and cautious.


March 17, 2016



Lessons from the Nest


Generosity knows no bounds.

I stood out in the first warm sun of the season with my new friend, who 

had just finished shopping. He had chosen a sofa, a chair, a small 

kitchen table and chairs, a few lamps, and a bed frame, and could 

hardly wait to get them home and set up. 

As we stood with our faces toward the sun we watched a young man 

cross the street and walk toward us. He held out his hand from the 

soiled sleeve of his sweatshirt and asked for any change we might be 

able to spare.  His eyes never met ours; he stared at the concrete below 

his feet. 


He wanted “just enough for bus fare,” he said, which would be only a 

couple of dollars. I told him I had no money on me and could not help 


August 19, 2015

August 18, 2015

Sometimes things just make sense. And sometimes they just don’t. And then there are those rare times when they don’t really make sense, but they work out anyway. That’s greeNest on any given day.

We have this seemingly perfect plan…..a series of steps that our partnering agencies go through to access furnishings for their clients, and then a series of steps that the clients go through to furnish their new homes.  But so far, we haven’t walked through that plan exactly the same way twice yet. And I think that’s because not one of the folks we have had the privilege of serving is exactly like any other.


We’ve met Tracee, whose bright smile and kind words let us know how grateful she was, for whatever we could offer her....

March 4, 2015

This post is borrowed from our Board Member, Emily Harkins who shared this story on her personal blog. She can be found at eharkins.com


When I was in high school, I drove a Pink Pontiac Sunfire; I called her the Pink Princess. The CD player ate most discs and the driver's side window motor didn't function quite right. It never failed to get stuck at the most unfortunate times. I once went to an automatic car wash, rolled the window down to pay, and then it wouldn't go back up. There were people in line behind me so my only option was to drive forward. I ended up getting it mostly up by the time the heavy spray was coming at me, but it absolutely leaked down the inside panel of my door through the crack at the top.



January 16, 2015


FIRST THERE WAS THE ISSUE OF THE MATTRESS…  Joanna’s college-aged son was moving from one house to another and needed a new mattress.  The post went up on Facebook: “Does anyone have a double mattress they want to get rid of?”  Within thirty minutes a friend replied that she had a mattress taking up space in her hallway.  Come and get it and it’s yours!  It was just the first of several offers she received.  Now that was FAST and sheer generosity.


AND THEN THERE WAS my recurring struggle…  After twenty-five wonderful years in the classroom as a high school history teacher, I am nearing retirement.  And while I earnestly look forward to this life-change, I am not ready to “go gentle into that...

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November 2019 Eat and Chat

November 8, 2019

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