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greeNest School Mattress Program

Partnering with the Title I Program Manager, greeNest will receive referrals from a WS/FCS Title 1 School's social worker, Cares Team Coordinator or Guidance Counselor.  We also allow Head Start and Project Hope to submit referrals for school age children.


Requesting Beds

1. A home visit will be required, but may be conducted by a third party, such as a minister or an outside social worker, to verify the need. 

2. A referral for each family will be made to greeNest by the school representative mentioned above. The referral can include any children in the home that are enrolled in any WS/FCS school. 

3. The referring school representative will give a copy of the referral to the family to bring with them when they pick up the beds.


Picking Up Beds

1. The family (or person picking up the bed) will need to call greeNest prior to picking up the beds to confirm that beds are available for pick up. greeNest is open Tuesday through Friday from 10am-4pm and every Saturday from 9am-Noon.

2. The beds are very compact and transportable.  The mattresses come compressed rolled in a box that is ~ 3'x6"x6" and the metal platform frame does away with the need for box springs and rails.  It comes in a 2'x3'x6" box.  Bedding and a pillow are provided for every bed.  The family will pick out the bedding of their choice for each bed. 

3. greeNest will record the name of the person picking up the items, and then notify the school representative that the transaction has been made. 

4. greeNest will keep a log of all beds distributed, which includes the name of the school and the school representative, date distributed, name of the family, the number of children impacted. 

5. If it is determined that a need no longer exists, the school rep will contact greeNest to cancel the referral, so the beds can be offered to another family.

You can also work with your families to purchase furnishings through our Regular Program. Your school may already be a Partnering Agency. If not, becoming a Partner is easy. Please see the information in the Partner Agency Handbook and contact with any questions.